About Us

Sneaker LAB and all related premium shoe care and sneaker cleaner products were first established in 2012. It all started with an infectious passion for sneakers and the minimalist street culture trend. With a focus to create a biotech and environmentally friendly premium shoe care brand, the Sneaker LAB premium shoe care products are water based, function on a molecular level and continue to work long after application.  Not to mention, this product range suits all shoe cleaning and sneaker care requirements. Sneaker LAB solutions are also 100% biodegradable and packaged in materials suitable for recycling. You can find Sneaker LAB products across all major regions of the world – Africa, USA, Europe and Asia to name a few.


The Sneaker LAB Team

The Sneaker LAB crew strives to  get the job done right when it comes to looking after shoes, and sneakers in particular. Appreciation for sneakers and streetwear, partnered with an eagerness to create a local South African brand with global potential is at the core of the Sneaker LAB brand. The team works towards the vision of innovating and revolutionizing the way individuals think about shoe and sneaker care.

How We’re Different

Sneaker LAB cares about what the environment needs too, so building a green, sustainable brand is the starting point. This premium shoe care product range refreshes and restores shoes and sneakers without any environmental kickbacks. We have harnessed the same beneficial bacteria that nature uses to biodegrade organic waste, and have learned how to grow them in massive concentrations, placing them exactly where they are needed.  By targeting these high concentrations of good bacteria, we achieve a force-multiplier effect of hyper-accelerated biodegradation – meaning your sneakers remain cleaner for longer due to the sustained cleaning activity of the probiotics. Sneaker LAB products do not contain soaps and chemicals but rather use pro-bacterial technology that is safe for the environment. Sneaker LAB biotechnology is now widely being acknowledged as the world’s most advanced premium shoe care and sneaker cleaner  from the perspectives of environmental and human health.

 Be part of the clean sneaker culture and care for your sneakers in a fresh, scientific and eco-friendly way.