Bring Back The Groove

28 February, 2017 Comments

3 versatile South African dancers from Cape Town set out to travel tour the country to hold a set of workshops aimed at sharing their knowledge to new dancers. The game changers in the Triple C trio are; hip-hop, house and contemporary dancer, Cleo Notcutt, popper and hip-hop dancer, Sipho Didiza, and break dancer, Bboy The Curse.


This type of initiative has changed the face of the local dance scene in South Africa allowing the dancers to share their talents to other young aspiring dancers located in small towns and cities. The team has already been on 4 tours through Cape town, Bellville, Worcester, Bloemfontein, Soweto, Johannesburg and Pretoria holding events, workshops, private classes and competitions.


Triple C aims to bring new and dynamic energy to the entertainment industry by collaborating talents from different artistic fields of performance. By connecting, creating and collaborating they are successfully growing a platform that brings together aspects of the South African arts industry with those of the dynamic international landscape.


This past weekend, Triple C began their 4th tour of Bringing Back The Groove by hosting a dance competition in Cape Town. Congrats to the winners, Leo Picasso Jose in first place, Lee-shane Guzzler Booysen in second and Buntu Plam & Yakin Pillay in third.

break-dancing-winnersShot by: Ference Isaacs Photography