Sneaker Protector

Sneaker Protector


The Sneaker LAB Sneaker Protector spray is a protective shoe spray formula that protects shoes at a molecular level by forming a lasting invisible layer on your sneaker. This sneaker protection spray acts as a water repellent spray for shoes and a barrier against dirt and stains. This addition to your shoe and sneaker care collection is necessary, especially when you get your pair brand new. The Sneaker LAB Sneaker Protector functions to keep shoes looking newer and cleaner for longer.


  • Water based solution ideal for all  fabrics and materials including suede and nubuck
  • Environmentally friendly water based solution
  • Keeps shoes looking newer for longer
  • Makes repeat cleaning easier

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Product Description

Sneaker LAB Sneaker Protector spray is a water based, non-toxic and eco-friendly shoe protector. This shoe protection spray is absorbed deep into the fibers of the sneaker to repel oils, liquids and dirt. The Sneaker LAB shoe protectant allows you to create a protective layer for shoes whilst still maintaining the color and feel of all types of sneaker fabrics including suede, nubuck and leather. The Sneaker LAB sneaker protector can last up to 12 months.


1. Ensure your sneakers are clean and dry.

2. If you’re protecting suede sneakers, be sure to first use the Sneaker LAB Sneaker Brush to brush the material in one direction.

3. Hold the Sneaker LAB sneaker protector 15 – 20 cm away from the shoe and generously spray the sneaker protector spray onto the shoe.

4. Once covering the entire sneaker or shoe with the protective shoe spray, allow them to air dry overnight.

5. Repeat this again for the ultimate waterproof protection for sneakers.

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